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Distributers of New and Used Tractors and Farm Machinery - Barnsley - Yorkshire

New Tractors from McCormick

This web page should help you find the McCormick tractor that is best suited to your agricultural needs. 

Click on the product you wish to view to access all the details


please follow the link to see testimonials for satisfield McCormick customershttps://mccormick.agriargouk.co.uk/mccormick-in-action-customer-testimonials .


If you would like demonstration of any of the tractors on this page please contact Nigel Moorhouse 07931381656 who will be pleased to arrange one for you.

McCormick X2

X2 series STD/GE

X2.20 at43.4hp

X2.30 at 47.6hp

X2.40 at 54.3hp

McCormick X4

X4 series F/GE/XL

X4.20 at 70hp

X4.30 at 75.2hp

X4.40 at 90hp

X4.50 at 95hp

X4.60 at 101.7hp

X4.70 at 111hp


McCormick X4 V

X4.20V at 70hp

X4.30V at 75.2hp

X4.40V at 90hp

X4.50V at 95hp

X4.60V at 101.7hp

X4.70V at 111hp



McCormick X4M

X4.20M at 60hp

X4.30M at 69.5hp

X4.35M at 74hp

X4.40M at 76hp

Tier 3 engine




McCormick X4C

X4.20 at 64hp

X4.30 at 69.3hp

X4.35 at 74.1hp

x4.40 at 75.9hp

X4.35 Tier 3 perkins engine

McCormick X4

X4.50 at 90hp

X4.60 at 99hp

X4.70 at 107hp




McCormick X5

X5.20T at 88.5/952hp

X5.30T at 95.2/102hp

X5.40T at 105/113hp

X5.50t at 113hp




McCormick X6 VT Drive

X6.420VT at 114/121hp

X6.430VT at 121/133hp

X6.440VT at 130/140hp


McCormick X6L

X6.460 at 143hp

X6.470 at 163hp

X6.480 at 176hp

McCormick X7.4 PS Drive

X7.440 at 131/143hp

X7.450 at 152/160hp

X7.460 at 159/176hp

McCormick X7.4 VT Drive

X7.440 at 124/147hp

X7.450 at 140/160hp

X7.460 at 159/176hp

McCormick X7.6 PS Drive

X7.650 at 152/160hp

X7.660 at 159/175hp

X7.670 at 166/192hp

X7.680 at 182/212hp


McCormick X7.6 VT Drive

X7.660 at 172/181hp

X7.670 at 181/195hp


McCormick X8 VT Drive

X8.660 at 264hp

X8.670 at 285hp

X8.680 at 310hp






Is fitted as standard to all New McCormick tractors please click on the link above to discover the benfits of datatag





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